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The aim of this protocol is to provide an easy to implement system for IP networks for both sending and receiving SMS or MMS.

All messages exchanged between client and server are line texts ended in return (ASCII 10) and they always contain the same syntax:
<lab> <command> [parameters]\n

The label is used for easily connect the commands with the generated answers, since the answer is always preceded by the same label as the command. The label has to be an increasing integer sequence.


  • >> 1 LOGIN user password
  • < < 1 OK 345 0
  • >> 2 DST +34666666666
  • < < 2 OK 1

SMSes can be type MO-MT or MT. The MO-MT ones are SMS paid by the user and are made of a couple of messages consisting of a MO (mobile
originated) sent by the user and a confirmation MT (mobile terminated).

The sending of a single MT Push spends credits from the client balance whereas the sending of a reply MT to a MO does not. The balance for each client is a decimal number being increased
whenever a recharge is made and being decreased when sendings are done. The decreasing credit quantity varies depending on the country and the activated options for the MT. You may consult tariffs and countries in our web

The available commands are the following case insensitive.